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With relentless pursuit of perfection, by striving 2013-11-20
Peng Lihua, warden of OuHai area came to Hualian f 2013-3-22
Nolvty aspiration for new year 2013-3-22
The annual Commanding Assembly of the group held s 2013-3-22
Run to welcome the new year 2013-1-4
Enterprises want to form a alliance 2013-1-4
Love is invaluable 2013-1-4
We Win a Silver Prize in the “May Day” Game 2012-4-27
Group Company Organizes Outward Bound Successfully 2012-4-26
Joining Enterprises, Overcoming Difficulties 2012-3-16
Leaders of Ouhai District Visit Hualian 2012-2-9
2012 chatting meeting to welcome season spring 2012-2-7
Jiang Defu, Hualian Chairman, won 2011 Wenzhou top 2012-2-7
2011 Annual Summary of Hualian Machinery Group 2012-1-16
Running for a New Year 2012-1-16
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